Among Sunni elites and clerics gathering
Raisi: No first-class, second-class citizen in country

Tehran (IP) - The candidate for Iran's 13th presidential election said that first-class citizen and the second-class citizen in the country is meaningless.

Iran PressIran News: Delivering a speech among the Sunni elites and clerics on Thursday in Tehran, Ebrahim Raisi said that Shia and Sunnis were living together in the Islamic Republic of Iran and had common interests.

He stressed that the discrimination between ethnic groups, Shias, and Sunnis was not acceptable, and all facilities should be shared fairly among all without any first-class and second-class citizen classifications.

The candidate further said that the main axis of change in the country was the establishment of real justice and it was impossible without religious democracy.

He recalled that the Sunni community had sacrificed about 13,000 martyrs for Iran during the 8-year imposed by the Iraqi Ba'athist regime.

The candidate for Iran's 13th presidential election said Sunnis had always been serious about protecting the Islamic Republic of Iran.

 The Iranian presidential election will be held on June 18, 2021.


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