Tehran (IP) – The design and development of Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) have been among Iran's defense industry priorities due to their widespread use on battlefields and their importance in saving soldiers' lives.

Iran PressIran News: The use of armored personnel carriers has been considered today to perform law enforcement duties, especially border guards.

After the Islamic Republic was subjected to the most severe sanctions during the 8-year Sacred Defense, Iran's defense industry officials pursued self-sufficiency. They designed and produced various types of armored personnel carriers.

Armored personnel carriers are basically a type of armored combat vehicle used to commute troops and combat operations on the battlefield. These vehicles are usually armed only with heavy machine guns, but they may also be equipped with weapons such as anti-tank guided missiles or mortars.

Unlike tanks such as the T-72 and infantry fighting vehicles such as the PMB-2, the APCs are not designed for direct combat; rather, they are built to carry military forces safely to the front lines, and their weapons are for self-defense.

The APCs are made in wheeled and crawler-tracked types.

Their most common weapon is a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun.

APCs equipped with 20 mm automatic cannons and above are usually classified in the infantry fighting vehicle class, such as the Russian BMP and the American Bradley Fighting Vehicle, capable of direct combat with the enemy.

APCs can be used for other missions besides commuting soldiers.

Many cannons, rocket launchers, mortars, or self-propelled anti-aircraft guns are built by adding the weapon to an APC. Some APCs equipped with anti-tank guided missiles or cannons play the role of a tank-hunting vehicle.


Rakhsh APC was designed and unveiled around 2006 in Shahid Kolahdooz Armored Industries Complex; thus, Rakhsh wheeled armored personnel carrier can be considered one of the oldest products of Iran's defense industry, of which at least two generations have been observed.

Important features of this vehicle are high speed on the road and excellent off-road mobility. This wheeled APC is designed for high speed on the roads, which has good mobility on rough roads and can carry 10 people, including 2 crew and 8 soldiers. The onboard soldiers can observe the outside space through the views and shooting holes located on the vehicle's body and shoot if necessary.

It has three doors mounted on the sides and rear to make it easier for troops to get on and off-board. Brilliant armor protection (without external protection) can also resist 30 caliber bullets.

'Rakhsh' is armed with a 12.7 mm automatic machine gun inside a cabin, and other weapons such as 7.62 mm machine guns or water cannons can be installed to deal with riots and urban conflicts. Other weapons can also be used on this APC, including some of the brightest examples used by the police, equipped with a double 23 mm cannon that weighs 850 kg on its roof.

Another version of Rakhsh APC is also seen on metal strips mounted at an oblique angle on the body. In this version, the small windows have been removed, and instead, 6 periscopes have been placed on the roof of the car, while the number of fire vents has been reduced to 6.


Rakhsh APC's body is made of steel, and the driver is located on the left side of the vehicle, next to the commander. Bulletproof panels protect the two seats.

The vehicle is capable of transporting 8 fully equipped soldiers in the passenger compartment. The bulletproof veneer gives soldiers the ability to fire their weapons from within the vehicle with a high level of protection.

Rakhsh APC consists of armor in the form of ceramic composite layers capable of withstanding 12.7 and 14.5 mm bullets. Also, smoke generating equipment to perform camouflage and protect the onboard soldiers against chemical, microbial, and radioactive attacks are other vehicle features.

The crew can quickly get on and off-board through both sides' doors and the rear twin doors.

This vehicle is offered in different versions:

One version has a 12.7 mm machine gun that is attached to the top of the body and has a rotating base.

Other versions are built with the ZU 23-2 anti-aircraft cannon, a 23 mm or 30 mm cannon similar to those used in the Russian BMP-2 armored vehicle.

Rakhsh APC weighs 7500 kg in combat mode, and its maximum weight is 9000 kg.

The length, width, and height (up to the body roof) of this APC are about 6.06, 2.4, and 2.43 meters, respectively.

Its 4-cylinder diesel engine with a maximum power of 155 hp allows it to reach speeds of 80 to 100 km/h on the road, and at the same, time this APC has the ability to move up to a slope of 65%.

Standard equipment for Rakhsh includes a central tire pressure adjustment system that allows the driver to adjust the tire pressure to suit different ground conditions, differential lock, and winch mode.

The air conditioning system is also installed as standard due to the climatic conditions of Iran.

Since the Rakhsh APC has good mobility, it can be used for a wide range of battlefield missions and a suitable armored vehicle for border missions that can maintain the safety of onboard soldiers.


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