Tehran(IP): The presidential volunteer on Thursday at the press conference called voters turn out in the upcoming presidential elections as a clear message to West.

Iran Press/Iran news: Ali Motahari stated in a press conference after registering for the 13th presidential election that  "The voter turnout in this election has an important message for the world and a message for the Westerners, the countries of the region and other countries, and it will definitely be effective in lifting the sanctions and reviving The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and it will be effective in improving the lives of the people."

Motahhari said: "People should not think that it does not matter whether they participate in the elections or not and their turn out will not be useful."

He highlighted, " We may not meet all our demands, but we can achieve 80% of our dreams."

In response to the question of possible resignation in favor of candidates of the reformist consensus body?

 He emphasized:" I entered the election arena independently, and the reformist consensus body did not pay attention to me.

Motahhari said that the fact that how it will be done in the future and on the eve of election day depends on the votes of the candidates, and whoever has more votes, others should help him to win. I have no decision to step aside in favor of anyone yet.

Responding to the question, what would be his reaction if he were not approved, he said:" I hope I will not be disqualified. "


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