Rahmani Fazli, Iran Interior Minister

Tehran (IP) - Iran’s Minister of Interior said that there was no ambiguity in the coordination of the ministry and Guardian council and that all things went based on law.

Iran Press/Iran news: Mohammad Reza Rahmani Fazli said on Thursday that the election law was neither abolished nor corrected, noting that if a huge movement such as the elections coordination was supposed to be carried out, many might incorrectly judge about it, which fortunately was not a problem.

Rahmani Fazli said the Guardian Council, in accordance with the general policies of the country’s system, considered the conditions for the interpretation of a religious politician, and the ministry would receive such documents as academic certificate, Certificates of No Criminal Conviction (CNCC), and managerial background.

He reported that 130 volunteers registered for the upcoming presidential election, fulfilling the requisites of the country’s Election Staff both in election rules and coronavirus-related considerations, expressing hope that the cooperation would continue.


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