Tehran (IP) - Referring to the violation of health protocols by one of the volunteers, the head of Iran’s Election Staff called on all the volunteers to observe the coronavirus health protocols as social responsibility.

Iran Press/Iran news: Jamal Orf called on the volunteers to avoid bringing a crowd and to take part in the registration process utmost with 2 companions.  He also stressed the observation of the health protocols to ensure the health of the registration staff.

"As with the previous years, the volunteers were given a 5-day extension of time, each day 10 hours, to register for the presidential election, but it would be extended if necessary," the official added.

Jamal Orf said that according to the Guardian Council’s adoption of 59 No. article, all candidates must have all the relevant documents for registration, which would be collected and hand over to the Guardian Council at the end of 5 days. 

He said the registration process for the presidential election was going right, and 130 people enrolled until yesterday (Wednesday).


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