Tehran (IP) – Member of the scientific committee of National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus and a researcher on the Iranian COVID-19 vaccine production project has told the Iranian people to take the 'COV-Iran Barekat' vaccine because it is safe.

Iran Press/Iran News: At the unveiling ceremony of the 'COV-Iran Barekat' vaccine on Tuesday, Minoo Mohraz called on the Iranian people not to worry about the COVID vaccine and announced that the Iranian vaccine was available.

She stated that she had taken the vaccine and was confident in its quality and safety against coronavirus.

"As an Iranian, I am proud that a domestic vaccine has been developed, and with the establishment of a factory equipped to produce COVID vaccines in Iran, there will be no shortage in vaccine production," she said.

The first product of the mass production of the 'COV-Iran Barekat' vaccine in the amount of 300,000 doses was unveiled on Tuesday in phase one of the vaccine production factory of Execution of Imam Khomeini's Order in Savojbolagh city of Alborz Province.


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