Lebanon (IP) - The Deputy Secretary-General of Hezbollah of Lebanon stressed that the Islamic Revolution of Iran brought the issue of Palestine back to the world's attention.

Iran PressMiddle East: According to Al-Manar on Monday, Naeem Qasim, Deputy Secretary-General of Hezbollah of Lebanon, said in a virtual meeting entitled "Al-Quds Day, Day of the Oppressed" held by the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening, that before the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the issue of Palestine was about to turn into a marginal issue in the world, but after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the aspirations of the Palestinian nation became central.

Sheikh Qasim described the recent actions of the Palestinian people in Al-Quds and the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah as a manifestation of honor and victory and criticized the position of countries compromising with the Zionist regime, saying that these countries have been the main obstacle in the liberation of Al-Quds for decades.


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