Tehran (IP)- The unveiling of the first Iranian-made anti-coronavirus spray was held at Masih Daneshvari Hospital, Tehran.

Iran PressIran News: Coronavirus Safe is biocompatible, and the designed Polymers absorb air on one side and make air on the other, so both infected and non-infected patients benefit from the product.

Coronavirus is active through protein, so the spray deactivates or makes the protein less active so that it does not attach to the lung cells.

Speaking at this ceremony, the spray’s inventor, Jalaedin Ghanavi said: "It is clear that coronavirus is transmitted mainly through the air, and the product can recognize the coronavirus and deactivates it soon."

Peyman Salehi, Deputy of Technology Innovation and Commercialization Development Headquarter, said: "Knowledge-based companies designed mask production lines, ventilators, disinfectants, and production medicines before the coronavirus outbreak."

Pointing out that our country is currently exporting masks and ventilators to the EU, Salehi added that the spray's production license had been obtained from the Ministry of Health.

We will also provide the necessary support in marketing to introduce to the world markets, he added.

The unveiling of the first Iranian anti-corona spray was held in the presence of Aliakbar Velayati, Head of Masih Daneshvari Hospital, Alireza Zali, Head of Tehran-based National Headquarters for Combating the Coronavirus and Peyman Salehi, Deputy Head of Technology Innovation and Commercialization Development Headquarters on Thursday at Masih Daneshvari Hospital.


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