Iran is among top 5 manufacturers of steam turbine rotors

Tehran (IP) - The CEO of Iran Power Plant Repairs Company said: "Iran is among the top five manufacturers of these steam rotors with the construction of steam turbine rotors."

Iran PressIran news: Abdolrasoul Pishahang, noting that this 82.5 MW turbine rotor was built by the specialists of Iran Power Plant Repair Company, adding: "The purchase of the turbine cost about three million euros, but with the ability of Iranian experts with less than 1.2 million euros, this rotor was built in the country."

He announced the company's full readiness to carry out similar projects for other power plants in the country and said: "This rotor can withstand steam temperatures above 500 degrees celsius."

The CEO of Iran Power Plant Repair Company said: "The previous manufacturer of this rotor was General Electric Company of America. Despite the lack of access to construction plans, the team of Iranian engineers was able to build the inside of the turbine rotor by reverse engineering."

He pointed out: "With the construction of this steam turbine rotor, Iran is now among the top five steam rotors' manufacturers."


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