An Iranian knowledge-based company has acquired advanced high-temperature superalloys production technology.

Iran Press/Iran news: Heat, Corrosion, and wear-resistant materials and parts, have many utilities in large industries; such as oil, gas, and petrochemicals, power generation, food industries, aerospace, and defense industries. Producing these materials and parts needs having technical know-how about the high-temperature Cobalt-Base and Nickle-base superalloys, and applying special methods.

Paya Mavad Technical Co., with a technical team of experienced specialists, has made important steps in this way.

Jalal Danesh, Managing Director of Paya Mavad pointed to the production of superalloy springs and said: "These springs must maintain their properties in special environmental conditions and temperatures and now are produced by Iranian specialists with precise and centrifugal casting methods."

Regarding the reconstruction of superalloy parts of gas turbines, he said: "We are also active in this field and we repair and reconstruct especially large and advanced parts. Many spare parts for gas turbines, which are more than 300 types, are produced in this company."

Referring to the large market of superalloy materials in the country, he said: "having a large number of gas turbines in the power plant industry and natural gas transmission lines, Iran is one of the largest markets for turbine parts in the world."