Canada's New Democratic Party approves a resolution calling on Israel to end the occupation and recognizing the Palestinian state.

Iran Press/America: The New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP) voted yesterday in favor of a motion brought forward by a coalition of Palestinian and Jewish activists calling to amend its policy book to include a boycott of products emanating from illegal Israeli settlements as well as an arms embargo on Israel.

The motion comes after years of many within the party demanding that the NDP take a clear stance on Palestine-Israel.

Amy Kishek, one of the lead organizers for the Justice and Peace in Israel Palestine Resolution at this weekend’s NDP convention, said:  “Not only is this position hugely popular with the NDP membership but it is something that is supported by the vast majority of the Canadian labor movement as well as the Canadian population at large.”

According to Canadian media, a 2017 poll done by EKOS Research confirmed that in the context of Israel’s ongoing human rights violations, 78 percent of Canadians believed that the Palestinian call for a boycott is reasonable. The number was even higher among those who identified as NDP supporters at over 90 percent in support. The adopted policy today also has strong support among many of Canada’s major labor unions including the Canadian Labor Congress which represents over three million workers across the country.

“The adoption of this policy today firmly positions the NDP as one of the few parties demanding the end of Canada’s support for illegal settlements and suspending the flow of weapons to and from Israel until Palestinians are free.” Said Geneviève Nevin, another organizer behind the successful resolution. 219