Tehran( IP) - The spokesman for Iran's Atomic Energy Organization said that the important issue for Iran in the negotiations would be lifting sanctions and ensuring this based on verification.

Iran Press/Iran newsBehrouz Kamalvandi in an interview on Friday evening congratulated on Nuclear Technology Day, saying: "In the National Nuclear Technology Day ceremony on Saturday, an exhibition will be held via video conferencing with the country's nuclear centers in the presence of the President."

He noted: "In this year's ceremony, we will have 130 unveilings, which is 18% more than that of last year, and the quality of this year's unveilings is higher than previous years."

The Deputy Chief of the Atomic Energy Organization for International Affairs stated about the Vienna talks: "Iran has presented its positions at the meeting of the Joint Commission. The important thing is to lift the sanctions and conduct a verification to show that the sanctions have been lifted. What really matters here is of course to make sure that sanctions will be lifted."

Kamalvandi added: "The methods of achieving confidence and obtaining the list of demands of the country, which is the lifting of 1,600 sanctions after 2017, are technical issues related to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action(JCPOA), such as Iran's joining the ITER Project ( international nuclear fusion research and engineering megaproject) so that Iran can help and also can use it which all discussed in these talks."

He stated: ” Two committees have been formed and this meeting is scheduled to be held again next Wednesday. The Technical Committee is not currently an active committee. The main committee is the Sanctions Committee.”

The spokesman of the Atomic Energy Organization stated that Iran is fully pursuing the Law of Strategic Action to Lift the Sanctions, adding: "Yesterday, three commissions visited different sites of the country and were satisfied with the progress of the work."

"Iran is moving fast and time is in Iran's favor," Kamalvandi said adding, ” In terms of nuclear power, we are moving forward. If nothing happens about sanctions, we will move forward technically, and the further we go, the better our situation will be."

He added: "In fact, it must first be determined what the fate of the sanctions will be. Of course, we raise our issues and hear theirs as well, but the decision to implement is up to the fate of the sanctions."


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