Tehran (IP) - In a virtual meeting with judicial officials from around the country Ebrahim Raisi, chief of the judiciary said, the duty of the judiciary is to support production and more than 2,000 production units activated by Judiciary efforts.

Iran PressIran News: The chief of the judiciary branch, Ebrahim Raisi, referred to the motto of the year "Production, Support and Elimination of Obstacles" by the Leader of the Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, and said: "When the Leader announces a slogan all institutions must work to achieve this, the judiciary must be involved in any area where it is possible to remove barriers to production and support production."

"Our colleagues activated more than two thousand production units, which deserves appreciation and thanks," he said.

Raisi said that the duty of the judiciary is to support production and remove its obstacles.

"Last year, my colleagues tried to save more than a thousand production units from closure," said the chief of the judiciary.

The Head of Judiciary noted: "We are confident that with the efforts of our colleagues, the support of production and the fight against corruption to support production will come to an end."

Raisi stated: "One of the important areas of production in the judiciary is fighting corruption; Because economic corruption hinders production prosperity, and if there are bribery and special privileges somewhere, the prosperity of production will not take place."

Emphasizing that economic security must be created for production prosperity, Raisi added: "Economic security depends on the fight against economic corruption. One of the important obstacles to production is the smuggling of the goods, and it is our duty to fight it."


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