On Saturday night, the official Syrian media (SANA) stated that the news about secret talks between Damascus and Tel Aviv are baseless and fabricated rumors.

A Syrian source told the official country's official news agency SANA that Syria's position on dealing with this issue has always been clear, and Damascus has never taken a secret step to negotiate with Israel.

The source, who did not want to disclose his identity, clarified: "Syria's actions in the past have been public and future activities will be the same."

According to SANA, the Syrian source said: "Therefore, any secret talks or negotiations between Damascus and Tel Aviv is nothing more than media and political fabrications.

The Syrian official said that recent remarks on the Arabic Russia Today news network about inviting Rabbi Elie Abadie, as well as rumors about secret and personal talks between the two sides to reach a peace agreement, are completely false and fabricated. 219