President Rouhani to UK PM: Clear way of diplomacy is lifting sanctions

Tehran (IP): Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in a telephone conversation with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday evening said the clear way of observing diplomacy is that the US lifts imposed sanctions against Iran and fulfills its obligation in the JCPOA.

Iran Press/Iran News: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated in a telephone conversation with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson: "If we are looking for diplomacy, the clear way is to lift sanctions and that the US fulfills its commitments. There is no other option."

"International cooperation has been damaged as a result of Trump's policies. Unfortunately, the United Nations and the Security Council have not functioned properly and impartially during this period, and now it is time to work together to solve the issue," said Rouhani.

The President added: The non-compliance of the European parties to JCPOA obligations only led to the loss of public confidence in Europe and the diplomatic space's narrowing."

Rouhani stressed: "The US administration claims that it is interested in the implementation of JCPOA, but so far, it has not taken any practical action in this regard. They did not negotiate to withdraw from JCPOA; therefore, their return will not require negotiations."

The president called the United Kingdom's move and two other European countries to withdraw the resolution against Iran at the IAEA Board of Governors the right decision, saying such measures would only complicate the process and the situation."

He added that all the actions that Iran has taken so far have been within the framework of the JCPOA and to maintain the agreement.

"The international community has shown that it is not ready for a civilized confrontation with the crisis, and that it pursues discriminatory tendencies, and that this is undoubtedly a moral failure for the international community," he said, referring to US sanctions that stopped Iran's access to its financial resources.

"We oppose foreign interference in Iraq's internal affairs and see it as detrimental to Iraq and the region as a whole, and accusing Iran of the recent events in Iraq is not a constructive approach. US government must accept responsibility for its mistakes in the region and correct them," he added.

Referring to the continuing humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen, the President said: "Since the beginning of the Yemeni war, Iran has always emphasized that there is no military solution to this crisis, and it supports any attempt to end the aggression against the Yemeni people."

In this telephone conversation, the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, also presented a report on his country's efforts to fulfill all the obligations of the JCPOA.

Johnson said: "We and all parties of JCPOA want to maintain this agreement and that we should all work to find solutions to get the members of JCPOA back to their commitments."

"We are all interested and ready to support this process," Johnson said.

In this telephone conversation, the United Kingdom's prime minister also stressed the need to repay the debts of this country to Iran. He also stressed Iran's role in creating peace and stability in the region.


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