Tehran (IP) – The head of the human trial monitoring team of the COVIran Barekat vaccine announced the results of the first phase of the vaccine, which is promising.

Iran Press/Iran News: Regarding the preliminary results of the first phase of the COVIran Barekat vaccine, Hamed Hosseini stated that the vaccine had passed the safety results according to the Health Ministry's considerations and in terms of immunogenicity.

"At this stage, good results were obtained in terms of antibodies, and finally, we decided to choose the vaccine with a dose of 5 micrograms in stage 2," he noted.

It had become clear that the vaccine was safe and its best dose was 5 micrograms; so, this dose would be tested in the second phase, he pointed.

"In this phase, we will also test whether a 21-day interval is better for vaccination or a 28-day interval. At the end of the second phase, we will have the answers to all the questions, and the dose and time sequence of vaccination will be determined."


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