Tim Kaine and Todd Young, two members of the US Senate, have presented a bipartisan group plan calling for the curbing of the President's power to use military force in the West Asian region.

Iran Press/America: The bill, spearheaded by US Senators Tim Kaine and Todd Young, would repeal the 1991 and 2002 authorizations for the use of military force (AUMF), which both deal with Iraq.

According to the Hill, the bill comes as lawmakers have voiced frustration about a lack of consultation with Congress over the United States' strikes last week in Syria, marking the first known military action ordered by Biden. The administration didn’t cite either authorization for those actions.

“Last week’s airstrikes in Syria show that the Executive Branch, regardless of party, will continue to stretch its war powers,” Kaine said in a statement.

Senators have tried for years to reform or repeal the existing military authorizations, but the legislation has gotten bogged down by partisan divisions on Capitol Hill or jockeying between the executive and legislative branches.

US lawmakers say the repeated use of executive orders by US presidents means that Congress has lost its legal authority to declare war. 219