Russian Duma speaker: Western sanctions against Iran unacceptable

Russian Duma Speaker said that sanctions and the position of the United States and the European Union to prevent the distribution of new drugs and vaccines are unacceptable.

Iran PressEurope: In a joint press conference with Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad-Bagher Ghalibaf on Monday, Vyacheslav Volodin referred to US sanctions against Iran, especially in the context of the coronavirus, saying: "Some governments claiming human rights, impose harsh sanctions in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, reducing the quality of people's lives rather than helping to cure the disease."

"Moscow and Tehran need to strengthen convergence to overcome regional and global challenges," he said.

"Russia is looking to expand its relations with Iran," Volodin said, adding: "The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world and we must look for new formats to develop relations between the two countries."

He stressed: "Our goal of the talks is to be able to achieve real results and develop relations between Iran and Russia in the fields of energy, agriculture, and transportation, and to provide conditions for the expansion of trade and economic relations between the two countries and achieve new projects."

The speaker of the Russian Duma stated that holding these meetings should lead to the birth of new projects, highlighting: "In today's meeting, we agreed to start work today, and in the middle of the year (spring 1400 according to Iranian calendar) at the invitation of the speaker of the Iranian Parliament, we will come to Tehran and invite the economic and executive circles of Russia to be present in Tehran so that this meeting will not only lead to the development of the parliamentary dimensions of the two countries but also give a new impetus to the relations between the two sides in other areas."

"Iran-Russia relations are historically special," he said, stressing: "Russia and Iran have a common struggle with sanctions, trade wars, and double standards, which have been imposed not only against us but also against China and North Korea."

"These trade wars are being waged openly by the United States against Russia and Iran, or under the guise of protecting European markets," Volodin said.

The speaker of the Russian Duma stressed: "During today's meeting with the speaker of the Iranian Parliament, we talked about holding a conference on regional cooperation and security. Iran, Russia, China, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Pakistan participate in this conference and the meetings of this conference are held in one country every year."

"The first meetings were held in Islamabad, Pakistan, and then in Tehran, Iran, and Turkey, and now it is Moscow's turn, and we have announced our readiness to hold this conference at the end of the year, and preparations have already been in progress," Volodin added.

"Some countries are trying not to send medical aid to other people," he said, noting: "The United States and the European Union are trying to advance their own vaccine projects and prevent other countries from advancing their vaccines, but it is not clear how useful their drugs and vaccines are." 

The speaker of the Russian Duma also referred to the sending of the COVID-19 vaccine by Russia to Iran, saying: "Cooperation and talks between Iran and Russia in the field of health and helping the citizens of the two countries to overcome the coronavirus pandemic are underway, and conditions must be created for other countries to have access to COVID-19 vaccine."


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