Coronavirus deaths in the United States surpassed 450,000 on Thursday, and daily deaths remain stubbornly high at more than 3,000 a day.

Iran PressAmerica: Infectious disease specialists expect deaths to start dropping soon after new cases hit a peak right around the beginning of the year. New COVID-19 deaths could ebb as early as next week, said the new director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

But there’s also the risk that improving trends in infections and hospitalizations could be offset by people relaxing and coming together — including this Sunday, to watch football, she added.

“I’m worried about Super Bowl Sunday, quite honestly,” Dr. Rochelle Walensky said Thursday in an interview with The Associated Press.

The US leads the world in coronavirus deaths, which are now over 450,000. Brazil has the second-highest death toll with nearly   229,000 dead, followed by India with nearly 155,000 deaths, according to the data.

The global death toll is  2,294,000 with 105,417,000 confirmed cases.


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