Tehran (IP) – Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman said: "Iranian oil tanker was seized in Indonesia due to technical issues, and we are waiting for more information."

Iran PressIran News: Attending his weekly press conference and responding to the Iran Press question, Saeed Khatibzadeh stated that Iran was waiting to get more information from Indonesia in this regard.

Noting that it was a common issue in shipping, he added that Iran’s Foreign Ministry and Iran’s embassy in Indonesia were following the case, and the latest information would be released as soon as possible.

Responding to the second question by Iran Press regarding the US secretary of state saying that sanctions would be lifted if Iran limited its nuclear program, Khatibzadeh reiterated: "Iran’s stance has been declared before, and we must see the US and other parties taking effective steps in JCPOA framework."

Nothing will happen till all parties return to their commitments in JCPOA, he asserted.

If the other party returns to the situation before 20 January 2017, Iran’s actions are reversible too, the spokesman highlighted.

"Now it is the time to act, we have heard a lot, the US new administration must prove that it is not following the previous administration’s policies," Khatibzadeh concluded.

This is the EU's last chance to implement JCPOA: MFA Spox.

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the recent parliamentary law is clear to the government and the Atomic Energy Organization, and if Europe and the United States do not fulfill their obligations under Resolution 2231, Iran must suspend monitoring of the Additional Protocol.

Khatibzadeh added: "Iran's cooperation with the IAEA will not be stopped, and it does not mean the dismissal of inspectors, but it means the cessation of extra-supervisory supervision. All parties in Europe and the International Atomic Energy Agency know Iran’s actions and have been informed.”

In response to a question, Khatibzadeh said: "This is the last chance for the Europeans to return to their commitments and implement JCPOA. We strictly follow the law of the parliament. Whenever they correct the steps, we will fulfill all our obligations again.”

Regarding cooperation with Iraq, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said: "We have relations at different levels, but there are obstacles, and we must remove these obstacles through consultations."

Khatbibzadeh added: "Some clauses of the agreement between the President of Iran and the Prime Minister of Iraq have not been implemented yet, and we hope that these will be finalized."

Khatibzadeh said about following up on the case of General Soleimani's martyrdom: "This issue is being done in domestic courts and, God willing, it will lead to the issuance of a verdict. Part of it is our request to the Iraqi government, and we discuss this issue in all of our meetings with Iraqi officials.”

The Foreign Ministry spokesman also said about Iran's debt to the UN: "We are in contact with the UN secretariat, and we are trying to find a safe way to send money."

"Our position is apparent," Khatibzadeh said in response to a question about verbal attacks by officials in the new US administration. We have a framework called US commitments under Resolution 2231, and the US must live up to its commitments.

Nothing new has happened to our debt from Korea, and we are waiting for solutions," Khatibzadeh said about Iran's blocked money in South Korea.

Zarif to travel to Russia, Georgia, Armenia and, Turkey

Khatibzadeh said that Mohammad Javad Zarif, who is in Baku, will then travel to Russia, Georgia, Armenia, and Turkey.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh stated on Monday in his weekly press conference that today, with the efforts and coordination made, the Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran and the Speaker of the National People's Congress of China will have a conversation. 

Khatibzadeh added: Today marks the beginning of FM Zarif's official visit to the region, which began in Baku. He arrived in Baku last night and then traveled to Russia, Georgia, Armenia, and, God willing, to Turkey over the weekend. 

"Last week, FM Zarif had a video conference with the Irish Foreign Minister. They consult on various issues, including JCPOA. The most important decision was the Irish side's announcement for reopening the Irish embassy in Tehran. FM Zarif also had a conversation with his Turkish counterpart, Khatibzadeh noted.

According to Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Iran placed senior US officials on the sanctions list for human rights violations.


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