Tehran (IP) - Iran's foreign ministry spokesman said the United States had been informed in an official letter that it would take the country to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) if it did not stop its illegal actions against Iranian diplomats in international organizations based in the United States.

Iran Press/Iran News: Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh announced tonight (Saturday) the issuance of an official warning note to the United States through Tehran's Swiss Embassy.

Iran's foreign ministry spokesman added: "This letter warns the United States that if it does not stop illegal actions against Iranian diplomats in international organizations such as the United Nations, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund, which are based in the United States, Iran will complain to the ICJ."

Explaining the move, Khatibzadeh said: "The US government has long imposed severe restrictions on Iranian diplomats and their families in international organizations in the United States, in violation of international law, and these measures have disrupted and hindered the work of Iranian diplomats and several other countries.”


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