A group called Al-Wadd al-Haq in Iraq said in a statement that the drone strike on Saturday in the Saudi capital was in retaliation for the blood of the martyrs of the Baghdad terrorist attacks.

Iran PressMiddle East: An Iraqi group said Saturday's attack on the Saudi capital was "revenge for the blood of the martyrs of the Baghdad terrorist attacks," reported Iran press.

The Iraqi so-called "Al-Wai Al-Wad Al-Haq" group claimed responsibility for the operation in the skies of the Saudi capital Riyadh on Saturday morning in a statement.

The Saudi-led aggressor coalition in Yemen claimed at noon on Saturday (Tehran time) that it had intercepted and destroyed "a hostile target" in the skies of Riyadh.

The coalition did not specify the type of attack (drone or missile) but it accused Ansarullah of Yemen of carrying out the attack, but a spokesman for the Yemeni armed forces denied the allegations, saying: "The Yemeni armed forces have not carried out any operations in the last 24 years. "

The Al-Wad Al-Haq group (Promise of Truth brigades) wrote in a statement on its Telegram channel: "After the exaggeration and insistence of the [Persian] Gulf Arabs on crimes against the nations of the region and their continued support for the criminal gangs of ISIL and takfiri groups Stained with the blood of the innocent, we, the children of the Arabian Peninsula, fulfilled our promise and sent drones of terror to the Kingdom of Al-Saud and targeted their strongholds in Al-Yamama Palace and other targets in Riyadh.


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