Tehran (IP) - Iran's vice president for science and technology said this week Iran would launch its biggest and first innovation center in Kenya.

Iran Press/Iran News: In response to Iran Press question on the importance of opening Crouse Research and Innovation Center and Iran's status in research and innovation in the region, Sorena Sattari stated that one of the places that had high exporting capacity was Africa if Iran improved its exporting approach.

Iran must export its goods and knowledge to countries with high importing capacities like Kenya, he stressed.

Right now, this event is occurring in most of the countries in the world by Iranian private sectors, he underlined.

Speaking to Iran Press on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of Crouse Research and Innovation Center held at Tehran on 23rd Jan 2021, Sattari noted that launching a research and innovation center was a big move in the auto-manufacturing industry.

"When we could produce car spares and design them in the country, we own this industry, so making car spares and designing them is our priority," he pointed.

Sattari expressed hope that this research and innovation center, along with universities, knowledge-based, and big auto-manufacturing companies, could facilitate and accelerate this industry and help the young forces and startups.


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