Makran Coast (IP) - For the first time, Iran Army Ground Forces' attack helicopters successfully carried out heliborne operation and fire on the coast during the night in 'Eqtedar 99' drills.

Iran Press/Iran News: In this part of the drills, the 214 attack helicopters, which have recently been equipped with a night flight system, successfully carried out night heliborne operations and close fire support to units on the coast. They were able to quickly deploy special and rapid reaction forces in the target areas.

This operation was carried out for the first time to improve the combat capability and to evaluate the skills and courage of the pilots in night flight missions using modern indigenous and Iranian equipment and weapons.

Commander of Iran Army Aviation Second Brigadier General Yousef Qorbani described the operation as a unique step in the region and beyond, and called the initiative and training of new tactics for pilots and coordinated action with rapid reaction units promising and improving the air force's readiness.


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