Iran has right to peaceful nuclear program

Tehran (IP) – Spokesman for the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Iran's Parliament said Iran, as a member of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), has the right to a peaceful nuclear program.

Iran PressIran News: Regarding US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's remarks that "the expulsion of IAEA nuclear inspectors unless all sanctions are lifted is a threat that goes much further than violating the JCPOA," Abolfazl Amoui said on Monday: "Such statements have no legal basis and, of course, no force."

"The current political crisis in the United States is such that the words of the likes of the Secretary of State are nothing more than rhetoric," he added.

He noted that inspections to the Additional Protocol would be suspended unless the other parties take serious action to lift the sanctions.

With the continuation of European countries' failure to fulfil their obligations, the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran, on December 1, 2020, passed the 9-article law "Strategic Action to Lift Sanctions and Protect the Interests of the Iranian Nation."

The requirement of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to enrich uranium by 20%, increase low-level enriched uranium reserves, and use the new generation of IR2M and IR6 centrifuges by the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, are among the provisions of this law.

Meanwhile, "Ahmad Amirabadi Farahani," a member of the presiding board of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran, on a TV program on Saturday, said if the harsh US sanctions against Iran were not lifted by February 21, 2021, especially in the areas of finance, banking, and oil, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors would definitely be expelled from Iran.

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