Tehran (IP) - Iranian president said that innovation factories and technology parks make the country's space scientists and cause the continuation of university development throughout the country.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking during the inauguration of several national big projects and innovation factories in different parts of the country via videoconferencing on Thursday, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani stated: "Today, we witnessed the inauguration of two important types of vaccines and other vaccines that will be available in the coming months. This is important for us in terms of food and economic security, as well as in terms of the currency that is consumed."

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani inaugurated three national projects and two innovation factories in Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari Province in the west of Iran, Razavi Khorasan Province in the northeast, Isfahan Province in the center, and Fars Province in the south of the country on Thursday.

Noting that it costs 200 million euros a year to produce these vaccines, he added: "If there are no other problems, it is an honor for us to stand on our own feet, develop the vaccines and export them. All the vaccines that are developed are produced and developed according to domestic needs and can meet the needs of some countries in the region.

Referring to the importance of innovation factories, Rouhani said: "Innovation factories and technology parks make the country's atmosphere scientific and cause the continuation of the university development throughout the country."

He went on to say: "In the past, a person used to continue his studies until the stages of postgraduate and doctorate, and then the process would stop. Today, with these innovation factories, our education and research will continue, and we will achieve a fruitful and clean economy, and we can make the country scientifically needless."

The president added: "After faith, which is the highest cultural power, perhaps no power is higher than scientific and technological power. This power can play a key and a leading role in the country in all areas of defense, economy, and the country's capability regarding the welfare of the nation."


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