Oil minister:

Tehran (IP) - The Minister of Petroleum of Iran said that the first jump in the revenue of the petrochemical industry in 2013 reached 11 billion dollars, and in the second jump, this revenue will reach 25 billion dollars with the completion of projects in 2021.

Iran PressIran News: At the inauguration of three petrochemical projects on Thursday in the presence of Iran’s President, Bijan Zanganeh said: "With the completion of petrochemical projects in 2021, Iran's revenue will reach $ 25 billion, and in 2025, with the planned and ongoing projects, it will reach $ 37 billion."

The Iranian minister of petroleum said: "This year, following the plans for the second jump in the petrochemical industry, as promised, 19 petrochemical projects with an investment of 11.4 billion dollars and a capacity of 25 million tons will be put into operation."

He explained: "So far, seven projects have been put into operation, and today three more projects will be inaugurated, the first project is the phase of Ilam Petrochemical, then Hegmataneh Petrochemical, and then the collection of small projects in Urmia."

Zanganeh added that the petrochemical industry plays an important role in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak in the production of disinfectants and the production of LABs (which are the raw materials for the production of detergents) and the increase in propylene capacity for the production of masks and hospital clothing.

The Iranian oil minister said: "The projects that will be inaugurated today are worth one billion dollars, and all of them are located in the west of the country, and in fact, it is a celebration of prosperity and production jump in the west of the country."


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