Tehran (IP) - Iranian foreign minister’s special assistant in political affairs criticized the Saudi coalition for not abiding by its commitments under the Stockholm Accord, despite the Yemeni government being committed to the Accord.

Iran Press/Iran news: Ali-Asghar Khaji and Sweden’s Special Envoy for Yemen Peter Semneby discussed the latest political developments and Yemen’s humanitarian situation in a video conference on Wednesday.
Referring to the violation of the Stockholm Agreement by the Saudi aggression coalition, Khaji expressed hope that the agreement would be revived and fully implemented with the international community’s follow-up.

The Iranian diplomat also supported the efforts by the UN Secretary-General António Guterres and his Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths to advance the peace plan, stressing the need to end military strikes to prevent an escalation of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Referring to Tehran and Stockholm’s many commonalities and efforts to resolve Yemen’s political crisis, Sweden’s special envoy praised both sides’ capacity to play an active role in the situation. They called for more coordination in this regard.

The two sides also stressed the need for continued cooperation between the two countries to help resolve the political crisis in Yemen and the need for the international community to increase humanitarian aid to the Yemeni people, especially due to the coronavirus outbreak.


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