Iran ready to share technical-engineering experiences with Yemen

The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Yemen, on Monday, met with, Yemen’s Deputy Minister of Public Works and Roads, to explain Iran's experiences in reconstruction, road construction, bridge construction, and housing.

Iran PressMiddle East: Hassan Irloo announced Iran's readiness to cooperate with Yemen in the field of reconstruction and transfer of technical-engineering experiences to this country.

Mohammad Al-Dhahari also noted in this meeting that Sanaa seeks to use the expertise of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the construction of roads, bridges, tunnels, and the reconstruction of residential cities, especially in a situation where Yemen's economic facilities and infrastructure have been destroyed by an attack by the Saudi-Emirati coalition.

Since 2015, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have launched large-scale attacks against Yemen, the poorest Arab country, in a coalition of several Arab countries with the help of the United States and Britain.

The military aggression has so far resulted in nothing but the killing and wounding of tens of thousands of Yemenis, as well as the displacement of millions of deprived citizens, the destruction of infrastructure, famine, famine, and the spread of infectious diseases in the country.


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