Iranian film maker to judge in 21st Asiatica event

Tehran (IP) - Iranian filmmaker Marzieh Riahi, a member of the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) is judging the films of the 21st Asian Film Festival in Rome code-named "Asiatica."

Iran PressIran news: Marzieh Riahi is the filmmaker and Chief-editor of the Short Film News Base which is the first specialized short film media in Iran and Asia.

With the short film Driving Class, Riahi was eligible to compete in the short film section of the 92nd Academy Award of Oscar Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2020.

The Iranian filmmaker also has achieved the experience of judging in several international and national festivals, including the judge of the 21st Kolkata International Film Festival of India, the judge of the 10th Third Eye Asian Film Festival. In India, The judge of the Iranian Film Critics and Writers Association at the 7th Documentary Film Festival Cinema Reality responsible for selecting films for five consecutive seasons of the Swedish Yari Film Festival.

The 21st Asian Film Festival "Asiatica" in Rome, Italy, will be held online from December 18 to 22.


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