Ansarullah slams US' blacklisting of Yemeni officials

Sanna(IP) - The head of Yemen's Revolution Supreme Committee stressed that the sanctioning of the Yemeni officials by the US who is the very leader of the invaders of Yemen is illegal and condemned.

Iran PressMiddle East: The US Treasury Department on Thursday announced the boycott of a number of officials of the Yemeni National Salvation Government in Sana'a.

Mohammad Ali al-Houthi said that Washington's sanctions serve US terrorism, noting that what the US is doing in sanctioning other countries shows that it does not recognize the world order and the UN.

The US sanctions against the Yemeni official comes as Washington itself is the major supporter of the Saudi-led coalition's aggression to Yemen.  

While the aggressor coalition in Yemen, which relies on its oil dollars, easily supplies the weapons it needs from Western countries, especially the United States, the Yemeni army and popular committees under siege, relying on internal capabilities, have been able to make a significant military leap in recent years, especially in the missile and UAV sectors. This has become a nightmare for the Saudis.

The US-backed coalition that claimed to end the war in its favour in a short time has been stuck in the swamp of the war for nearly six years.

The Saudi-led Arab anti-Yemeni coalition invaded Yemen on March 26, 2015, to suppress the revolution in Yemen and prevent the Houthi movement from gaining power. US, UK, France, Germany, and some Arab countries have provided military and weapons support to the coalition.

Two months ago, the Yemeni Ministry of Human Rights released statistics on the Saudi coalition's crimes against Yemen from March 2015 to August 2020, confirming the deaths of 16,771 civilians and the wounding of 26,359 others.


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