Mahmoud Vaezi and Lütfi Elvan

Tehran (IP) - The Iranian Chief of Staff and the Minister of Finance and Treasury of Turkey stressed the need to remove obstacles to economic and trade cooperation between the two countries on the phone.

Iran PressIran News: Mahmoud Vaezi, in a telephone conversation with Lütfi Elvan, the new Minister of Finance and Treasury of Turkey, congratulated him on his appointment and expressed hope Tehran-Ankara cooperation will be developed and expanded in various fields.

Referring to the need to support private sector investment, the Chief of Staff of the President of Iran said: "With the Joint Economic Commission's efforts, Iran-Turkey relations can and should become a model of relations between two neighboring and friendly countries in the region."

In this phone call, the new Minister of Finance and Treasury of Turkey, also called Iran a friend and brother country of Turkey, described the relations between the two countries as very good and developing.

Lütfi Elvan said that through the new appointment, he would make every effort to develop and deepen economic and trade relations between Turkey and Iran, adding: "By changing the international conditions, the ground for the development and deepening of trade and economic cooperation has been provided.

The new Minister of Finance and Treasury of Turkey expressed hope that with the improvement of the situation of the countries in terms of the spread of the coronavirus, the trade and commodity relations between Iran and Turkey will return to the previous situation, and the two countries can use all available capacities.


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