Tehran (IP) - The spokesman of the Guardian Council announced the approval of the parliament strategic action plan to counter the sanctions in the Guardian Council's meeting on Wednesday.

Iran Press/Iran newsAbbas Ali Kadkhodaie further stated: "The Guardian Council expressed its objection to Article 6 of parliament's bill and returned back it for resolving the issue in Wednesday's meeting and referred it to the parliament for resolving the objection."

" The Guardian Council in this evening's meeting did not consider this plan against the Constitution and approved it," Kadkhodaie added.

In the Article 6 of the parliament plan, which was referred back to the parliament by the Guardian Council for revising, "The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran in case of non-fulfilment of the obligations of the member States to the Nuclear Deal with Iran and normal banking relations and complete removal of barriers for exporting and full sale of Iranian oil and oil products and full and rapid return of foreign exchange of sale, 2 months after the entry into force of this law in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the government is obliged to halt the voluntary implementation of the Additional Protocol document."

In Tuesday's open session of the parliament, Iranian lawmakers adopted the outline of the 9-article strategic plan action to nullify sanctions with 251 votes in favour and stressed the need for its immediate implementation.

Eshaq Jahangiri, the first vice president answering Iran Press on the sidelines of the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, said has submitted a letter to the Guardian Council about the parliament's plan regarding nullifying sanctions and nuclear issues.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, today in the weekly cabinet meeting, expressed the government's opposition to yesterday's Parliament's bill on nullifying sanctions and said this bill is harmful to Iran's diplomatic activities in the International arena.

On the sidelines of today's cabinet meeting and in response to IranPress, Mahmoud Vaezi said: "What we have been examining since yesterday has created and continues to create many problems for us, both in terms of foreign policy and in relation to the Atomic Energy Organization."


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