In response to the assassination of Martyr Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, US political, scientific and research figures called it a conspiracy to prevent diplomacy with Iran.

Iran PressAmerica: Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, head of the Research and Innovation Organization of the Ministry of Defense, was assassinated and martyred on Friday afternoon local time in Damavand, Tehran Province, by unknown individuals during an armed conflict with his bodyguards.

Following the assassination news of Martyr  Mohsen Fakhrizadehhead of the Research and Innovation Organization of Iran's Ministry of Defense, US Democratic Senator Chris Murphy wrote in his Twitter: "If the primary purpose of this assassination is to make it harder to restore the Iran nuclear deal; It does not make the United States, Israel and the world safer."

Former CIA Director John Brennan also called the assassination of martyr Fakhrizadeh a criminal act and warned it could lead to deadly revenge and a new round of conflict in the region.

Also, Mark Fitzpatrick, director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies and a former US State Department official, on Friday said that the reason for Fakhrizadeh's assassination was not to obstruct Iran's military capabilities but to hinder diplomacy.

Trita Parsi, an Iranian-American activist and executive vice president of the Quincy Institute, also wrote: The real purpose of the assassination of Martyr Fakhrizadeh was Joe Biden and his intention to restore diplomacy with Iran.

Earlier, Iranian officials condemned the assassination of Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh and promised a severe punishment awaits those perpetrators in this criminal terrorist act. 219

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