Chinese Foreign Minister said that his country counts on Russia in the fight against world hegemony, referring to US unilateralism.

Iran Press/ Asia: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, during a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov, announced the desire of the Chinese authorities to join forces with Russia to fight global hegemony and the growing protectionism of individual countries, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced on Thursday.

According to the statement, the Chinese side intends to continue interaction with Russia at a high level to promote the Sino-Russian comprehensive partnership.

It seems that the Chinese foreign minister implicitly referred to US unilateralism and hegemony.

Beijing believes that the United States is reviving a "Cold War mentality" in its policy toward China, and Russia also opposes unilateralism in international affairs.

China is ready to jointly oppose one-sided policies, protectionism, and hegemonies of individual countries that deal a blow to international relations and the international order, the statement said According to the Chinese Minister, Beijing is interested in strengthening political dialogue with Moscow, in close coordination of positions on important issues.

He noted that China intends to take advantage of strong partnerships with Russia to combat the pandemic and restore the global economy.