Tehran (IP) - Iran's President Hassan Rouhani praised the resistance of the Iranian nation against the US economic war and stated that the world has come to the understanding that the US' 'maximum pressure' policy has failed.

Iran Press/Iran News: In his speech at the ceremony of opening education and medical projects in the country, held virtually on Thursday, Hassan Rohani said that the Iranian nation would pass through the sanctions era with resistance and the guidance of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei. 

President Rouhani's remarks were a referral to US President Donal Trump's policies in his 4 years in office and failure in the 2020 Presidential Election, negative response by US people due to the US administration's hostile foreign policy instead of focusing and promoting the domestic and economic policies instead.

Elsewhere, Rouhani highlighted Iran as an advanced country globally, noting that many patients from across the world's developed countries travel to Iran for surgical operations, which he said cost a low expense for them.


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