The EU foreign policy chief taunted Donald Trump's allegations of fraud in the US presidential election, expressing hope that the transfer of power in the US will be smooth and EU-US ties improved under Biden's administration.

Iran PressEurope: "Speaking at the European Parliament on Wednesday, while announcing readiness to develop strategic and transatlantic cooperation with the new US government, Borrel said: "We are facing a very long process of transferring power and we must hope that the stage will not be violent, uneven."

He made the remarks after US President Donald Trump rejected the results of the recent presidential election and refused to accept Biden as president-elect.

Trump is tweeting and reiterating his claims while the results of the vote count show that Democratic candidate Biden won the election with a majority of popular and electoral votes.

Referring to the complexity of EU-US relations during Trump's presidency, Borrell expressed hope that the future of bilateral relations in the new Biden administration would be redefined based on a spirit of cooperation and partnership.

Joseph Borrell also reviewed and noted some of the challenges on the transatlantic cooperation agenda, including strengthening international organizations, tackling the coronavirus epidemic, and climate change prevention measures.

In the end, Borrell expressed hope that a common approach would be reached on geopolitical and foreign policy issues, including Iran's nuclear deal with the United States.