President Rouhani requests neighboring countries to deepen relations

Iran (IP) - Foreign political developments were discussed at a cabinet meeting chaired by President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday evening, and new economic and international policies were reviewed in line with the new international developments.

Iran PressIran News:  At this meeting, the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran was obliged to continue the process of continuing the exchange rate, and the Ministries of Industry, Mine and Trade, Agriculture Jihad, and Justice were required to take serious action to reduce prices.

Also, considering the interest of some foreign companies to reinvest in Iran, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was obliged to take serious action to attract foreign investment with the cooperation of economic agencies and the active participation of the private sector.

The President further required the government to promptly prepare and submit a comprehensive economic, political, social, and foreign plan in line with the new international developments to the cabinet.

Rouhani pointed out: "The main policy of the government is to facilitate people's livelihood, preserve the value of the national currency, reduce prices, increase employment, growth and national production and constructive interaction with the global economy".

He added: "Unfortunately, the wrong policies of the United States over the past four years have caused great damage to the world economy, security and peace, and contrary to the international commitment of countries to promote world peace and security, have led to more hatred and enmity between governments. The Islamic Republic of Iran not only did not fall into this evil and inhuman trap but also always called on governments, especially its neighbors, to promote peace, friendship, and good neighborliness".

Rouhani stated that the unjustness of the policies of the US government is obvious to everyone and the wise and right-seeking method of the Islamic Republic has been proven to the world, adding: "Iran considers the new international conditions a good opportunity for more mutual understanding, cooperation and interaction with its neighbors to promote stability, security, development, deepening good relations and friendship between the governments and nations of the region".


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