A variety of post-Election protests broke out across the country on Friday night ranging from “Stop the steal” demonstrations in Las Vegas to count every votes in Philadelphia.

Iran Press/America: Hundreds of Americans took to the streets in swing states as ballots continued to be tallied in the heated presidential race.

In Philadelphia, police said they arrested one man and seized a weapon as part of an investigation into a purported plot to attack the city’s Pennsylvania Convention Center, where votes were being counted.

But otherwise, the scene in Philadelphia was less confrontational – festive, even – where pro-Trump and pro-Biden demonstrators were separated by waist-high portable barriers under a strong police presence.

With the future of the presidency in the balance, restive encounters also unfolded in New York against US president Trump.


In Vegas, a group of incumbent US President Donald Trump supporters gathered for Friday night outside the Clark County Election Department chanting “Stop the steal” — in support of the president’s unfounded claims that the election is marred by voter fraud.

At least 400 protesters gathered outside the Clark County Election Department in Las Vegas. Loud patriotic anthems blared over speakers as people waved giant Trump and American flags.

In Detroit, a Black Trump supporter and a Black Democratic supporter faced off for a yelling match. Earlier, police tried to separate Black Lives Matter-aligned protesters from the Trump group but soon relented, allowing them to mingle and shout at each other.

Local election officials continued to tabulate ballots across the country, in some cases processing an unprecedented number of mail-in ballots that accumulated as a preferred voting option during the coronavirus pandemic.


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