Is America heading towards a civil war?

As the unprecedented political dispute over the outcome of the 2020 US presidential election continues, the prospect of starting a political or even military war in the United States has intensified.

Iran Presscommentary: Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of the US President, is his tweet has said: "The best thing for the future of the United States is for Donald Trump to wage a full-blown war with this rigged election full of fraud, cheating, dead voters and out of state voters, which has taken too long."

Steve Bannon, a former senior adviser to Donald Trump, also said on an Internet television program: "I would have liked to go back in time in order to behead FBI Director Christopher Wray and  Dr. Anthony Fauci to warn bureaucrats in the federal government while placing their heads in the two corners of the White House."

These words show that Trump and his fanatical supporters are preparing for a massive and even bloody war with what they call "corrupt organizations" in America.

Of course, Donald Trump himself, in his numerous tweets and speeches, continues to emphasize the path of complaining about the way election is held and votes counted in the courts.

However, the question has been asked many times in political and media circles, and even among the American people, what would be the reaction of his extremely fanatical supporters if the Supreme Court did not finally vote for Trump's continued presidency?

Evidence shows that the United States is moving from a " cold civil war" to a "hot civil war." This "Cold War" began years ago, even before Trump entered the White House in January 2017, when American conservatives and liberals renounced political tolerance and sought to physically remove each other from American politics.

In this showdown, what later became known as the Trumpists marginalized their rival in the 2016 election as the "corrupt ruling regime in America." Now it is the turn of Trump's rivals to oust Trump and his supporters in the 2020 election, using all means of power, ranging from election laws to the information society and the media.

This political-ideological settlement has put the United States in the worst political situation since the end of the Civil War in 1864. For more than 150 years, American society has never been so fragmented, disunited, full of resentment, hatred, and anger.

Meanwhile, a mistake by one of the parties could ignite the fire of a civil war in this country. However, given the socio-political developments in America, the possibility of a repeat of the mid-nineteenth-century civil war is not to be expected; However, war with modern tools is expected to break out in this country. Unless American politicians abandon the enmity and atrocity and build bridges over deep socio-political gaps in the country, a process that seems very difficult or even impossible.


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