Tehran (IP) - Iranian Government spokesman said that the US has acknowledged the ineffectiveness of sanctions against Iran.

Iran PressIran News: In response to the Iran Press question, Iran's Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei added that US National Security Adviser Robert C. O'Brien admits that the US has no other choice to impose new sanctions on Iran. 

"Robert C. O'Brien remarks also acknowledge the failure of US maximum pressure to bring Iran to its knees," Rabiei stated.

Government spokesman highlighted that European leaders and some US officials have pointed out that the US assessment of sanctions on Iran was wrong.

"The US government's assessment of magnifying its power by imposing sanctions on Iran and ignoring the lack of resistance and the power and opinion and will of Iran's people and stability was wrong," the spokesman added.

He referred to Trump's claim that Iran collapsed in three months, noting: "Trump did whatever he could and did not succeed."

Rabiei emphasized that the US government must put aside its stubbornness and arrogance and make up for its past mistakes because maximum pressure on Iran does not work.

Referring to the fact that Iran has a rich civilization and has learned many lessons from American coercion, and has become more experienced than in the past, he concluded that Iran would certainly welcome any international opportunity to improve its situation.


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