Tehran (IP) - Commander of Imam Hussein University Mohammadreza Hasani Ahangar said that the victory of the Islamic Revelation shocked the world and accelerated the US decline.

Iran PressIran News: Delivering a speech in the opening ceremony of a conference on US decline, Hassani Ahangar said that after the victory of the Islamic revolution, the powers in the world that were limited to East and West changed and challenged the world.

Referring to the Holy Defense in which all the world was fighting with Iran, leading by Iraq, he added that the result of the Holy Defense was decreasing the West's effect and increasing Iran’s power in the region.

Pointing to future changes, Hasani Ahangar stated that our point of view is the Islamic revolution's globalization. To achieve this goal, we need to know our enemies who cause barriers for us.

"The world can not be ruled by the US’ power, which is a changing point in the world's future changes; the world will be organized bypassing the US," he added.

The official said that the world is forming cyber civilization, which makes the world smart and is considered one of the factors in power and government in countries.

Martyr Sadr's Research Center consists of universities and scholars, focuses on ideas to facilitate the US decline, he highlighted.

"The world is moving on two railways, Islamic civilization, and the West civilization railway. We are seeking for a practical prescription to move the world on the Islamic civilization railway," he concluded.


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