Iran's representative to the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly rejected the anti-human rights report against Iran, calling it hostile and part of Washington's policy of maximum pressure on the Iranian people.

Iran PressAmerica: Mohammad Zareian raised the issue on Monday at a meeting of the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly, which was held to review the report of the Human Rights Reporter against Iran. 

The report on the human rights situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran has been prepared solely on the basis of unconfirmed sources, and is biased and politically motivated, Zareian said. 

He pointed out that the report is not due to the real concern of its organizers, but to justify their policy of aggression and hostility while helping their stated goal to overthrow the legal system of the Iranian people.

The Iranian envoy stressed that it was clear that the report was set to provoke the allegedly human rights issues as a part of the US 'Maximum pressure policy' against the Iranian nation. 

He referred to the West's pulling out the name of international terrorists from the blacklist and employing them as their allies in the campaign against Iran, and attributed it to the facilitative mechanism of the UN for such anti-human rights measures. 

Iran's representative to the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly stressed that praising criminals whose hands are stained with the blood of civilians and law enforcement officers as victims of ethnic or religious discrimination is a hated act.

Zareian also pointed to the US sanctions on Iran especially amid the outbreak of the coronavirus extensive restrictions imposed on Iran as a result of harsh and illegal US sanctions prevent the Iranian nation from purchasing medicine, medical equipment, and other devices needed to fight the epidemic.

The US sanctions policy has always been an inhumane policy of punishment and has affected the entire population, especially children and adults with cancer and rare diseases, he noted.


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