Tehran (IP) - Announcing that the Islamic Republic of Iran's weapons strategy is defensive, the Iranian government spokesman added that the US policy is to turn the region into a weapons depot.

Iran Press/Iran News:  Ali Rabiei said: "US policy is to turn the region into an arms depot and generate revenue for the US companies, and their interests are always preferred to human lives."

He said: "The lifting of Iran's arms embargo is based on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of  Action (JCPOA) and Iran has not started any war in recent centuries, and Tehran's weapons strategy is based on defense strategy against enemies."

The government spokesman added that the international community recognized Iran's legitimacy and ended the false Iranophobia propagated by US President Donald Trump.

According to UN Security Council Resolution 2231 and the JCPOA, the UN arms embargo on Iran was automatically lifted on October 18.


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