Tehran (IP) - Iranian Government spokesman Ali Rabiei said that the United States had sanctioned Iran, at the same time, it is deceiving public opinion claiming that Iran has not been sanctioned.

Iran PressIran News: In response to Iran Press question, Iranian Government spokesman Ali Rabiei regarding US banking sanctions and their impact on battles against the coronavirus added that the United States does not allow currency transfers and claims there are no sanctions.

Referring to the fact that the shortage of medicine has affected the health of the Iranian nation, Rabiei added: "The US Sanctions had disrupted the import of medicine, medical equipment, and even food as well."

"The United States has endangered the people's health with sanctions against Iran, and prestigious international courts have condemned its action," the spokesman highlighted.

"The international community and Europe should not follow the US orders, that is a crime against the Iranian nation," Rabiei said.

The spokesman emphasized that Europe has adopted principles in the resolution field, but it has more responsibilities and must fulfill its obligations.

"We expect Europe not to be the US obedient regarding the implementation of JCPOA," he concluded.


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