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Iranian Government spokesman Ali Rabiei said that lifting of Iran's arms embargoes is an important achievement in the international arena.

Iran PressIran News: Attending his weekly press conference, Ali Rabiei added: "Despite the objections of the United States, the Zionist Regime and its regional allies, these restrictions have been lifted, and this is a sign for our people and the international community."

Rabiei said that Iran’s weapons are for Iran’s defensive power, and Tehran's peaceful manner in the region has been evident to the world.

Referring to the government’s achievement at the international level in lifting the arms embargo, he added, “People’s resistance has achieved them even though the US and Israel were imposing sanctions on us.”

“This achievement showed that Iran made intelligent decisions in not leaving JCPOA and ruined US plots whose effects will be released little by little, he noted.

“The achievements serve as a beginning point for lifting other sanctions regarding banking, economy, and medicine,” stressed Rabiei.

Iran’s senior official elaborated that Iranian nations’ resistance in its principles paved the way for lifting sanctions, which have led to US and Israel reactions.

The arms embargo was based on 'Iranophobia'

“Trump and Netanyahu were imposing an arms embargo on Iran since they have been afraid of us,” Rabiei said.

“They have not only have not weakened Iran’s defensive power but also empowered us, and our path will not be changed, he pointed.

We are worried about changing the region to the weapons deposit since we consider  the US responsible as weapons' seller to East Asia, he said

“Iran will buy weapons based on logical and international norms and regulations," he concluded.

In another part of his presser, Rabiei said that Iran never started a fight or war and always seeks peace and stability, adding: "Tehran's peaceful manner in the region has been evident to the world."


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