The Commander of the Air Force of Iran's Army said that the presence of aircraft of this force in the joint specialized air defense 'Velayat-99 Sky Defenders' drills was effective and useful.

Iran Press/Iran News: Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh, referred to the joint specialized air defense drills codenamed 'Modafedan-e Aseman-e Velayat 99' ('Velayat-99 Sky Defenders'), saying that the presence of Iranian Army Air Force fighter jets and interceptors in the form of offensive force and tactical and defensive action was among the plans made by the F-4, F-14 and unmanned aircraft of this force in the joint drills.

The commander of the Iranian Army Air Force stressed the need for the presence of this force in all drills, adding that this is the second drill that the Iranian Army Air Force has participated in this year.

The joint specialized air defense drills 'Velayat-99 Sky Defenders' were held between the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Iranian Army, with the operational guidance and control of Iran's air defense base.

The 'Velayat-99 Sky Defenders' joint specialized air defense drills have started since yesterday (Wednesday) in an area of ​​more than half of Iran.


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