Moscow (IP): Iran has called on the BRICS group of emerging economies to play a role in putting an immediate stop to Israeli crimes against the Palestinians.

Iran PressEurope: The call by Iran's deputy foreign minister Ali Bagheri Kani in Moscow on Thursday came as his counterparts and special representatives of BRICS nations met to discuss the latest developments in the West Asia and North Africa region.

"The manner and quality of role-playing of individual countries and international organizations in relation to the Israeli regime's crisis mongering and the position they adopt in this regard is effective and will be recorded in history," he said.

"Therefore, the members of the BRICS organization should show their political and practical will to completely stop attacks on people and civilian infrastructure in the Gaza Strip," he said.

Bagheri Kani called on the BRICS nations to help with the quick sending of humanitarian aid, especially food, medical equipment and medicine to the Gaza Strip and the complete withdrawal of the occupying forces and the reconstruction of the besieged territory.

"At the moment, our focus should be on achieving a complete and permanent halt to the attacks of the Zionist regime in order to reduce the humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip, expand the sending of international humanitarian aid to Gaza, and provide firm support to the activities of humanitarian organizations, especially UNRWA," he said.

"Only taking a position and making a statement is not enough, and effective and decisive operational measures must be put on the agenda for the Zionist regime to comply with the wishes of the international community."

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) has seen many of its top donor countries announce funding freezes after Israeli accusations without evidence that its members had participated in the October 7 operation against the occupying regime.   

The senior Iranian diplomat thanked South Africa for taking Israel to the International Court of Justice for genocide in the Gaza Strip. He asked BRICS members to strongly support the case and provide necessary legal solutions to deal with the crimes.

"The experience of the past 200 days of crime and aggression by the Zionist regime has shown that the Palestinian nation cannot be destroyed and the people of Gaza have proven that it is the Palestinian child who wins against the Israeli bomb," he said.

Bagheri Kani said the "key to establishing stability and peace in the region from Lebanon to Iraq and the Red Sea is to stop the crimes of the Zionist regime against the defenseless and homeless people of Gaza".

He touched on the West's attempt to justify the Israeli crimes against humanity under the principle of the right of legitimate defense, saying "This justification of the supporters of the Zionist regime is completely invalid from a legal and international point of view".

Bagheri Kani also touched on the Israeli attack on Iran's consular building in Damascus and its assassination of some military commanders and staff on the premises.

"After the unprecedented and illegal crime, the Islamic Republic of Iran reserved the right of legitimate defense and the occupying regime received the response to its crime in Damascus in the occupied Palestinian territories."204