Hundreds arrested in anti-government protests in Egypt: Right Group

According to Amnesty International, at least 2000 Egyptian protesters have been arrested during the last 20 days.

Iran PressAfrica: Amnesty International has urged the Egyptian authorities to release hundreds of people it said were arrested during anti-government protests in September.

Activists claim that a number of these protests have been fuelled by economic frustrations made worse by the coronavirus pandemic, and by a sweeping government campaign to stop illegal construction (especially in rural and low-income areas), which has required people to pay fines to legalize home-ownership.

Protests have been effectively banned in Egypt since 2013, and a renewable state of emergency has been in place since 2017, a measure that rights groups claim has allowed the government to crush dissent.

Al-Sisi came to power in Egypt in July 2013, after he deposed the country's first democratically elected president, Mohammad Morsi.


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