A court in Egypt has sentenced the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood to life in prison.

Iran Press/Africa: According to Al-Jazeera, the criminal court in the Egyptian city of Port Said, headed by Sami Abdel Rahim, sentenced the Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie to life imprisonment prison on Saturday.

Mohamed Beltagy and Safwat al-Hijazi, other leaders and figures in the group, along with nine others, in connection with the August 2013 violence in Port Said province were also sentenced to life imprisonment by the Egyptian court.

The Egyptian criminal court also sentenced 57 other defendants to three years in prison in the same case.

Earlier in August 2015, the Port Said Criminal Court sentenced Mohammad Badie, Mohamed Beltagy, and Safwat al-Hijazi to 25 years imprisonment, and sentenced 76 others who tried to escape to life imprisonment in absentia.

Egyptian officials have listed the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group since 2013.

The widespread crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood leaders, members, and supporters following the ouster of Egypt's first president-elect, Mohamed Morsi, has drawn criticism from human rights groups.


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